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Open letter to AFCO members
Published on: 21/11/2018
EPACA Position Paper on the Interinstitutional Agreement on a Mandatory Transparency Register

Brussels, March 2017
Ensuring a robust mandatory register that fosters a true level-playing field for EU interest representation.

Position Paper on the Interinstitutional Agreement on a Mandatory Transparency Register
The European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA) has supported a mandatory register for many years. Transparency has always been our fundamental guiding principle and the industry we represent has clearly benefitted from clearer rules surrounding our activities.

Published on: 10/03/2017
Joint letter from ECPA, EPACA and SEAP distributed to all 751 incoming MEPs

Brussels 7 July, 2014

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Published on: 11/07/2014
SEAP EPACA position regarding access to the European Parliament
Published on: 15/05/2011
Statement on EP actions on lobbying
Published on: 07/04/2011
Statement on the Commission’s response to EPACA’s complaint about CEO’s untransparent lobbying
Published on: 31/03/2011
Statement on EPACA complaint against CEO
Published on: 26/03/2011
Statement regarding the Sunday Times Enquiry
Published on: 21/03/2011
EPACA comments on the review of the ETI
Published on: 12/06/2009
Press release: EPACA welcomes the European Parliament vote of 8 May on the Stubb Report relating to interest representatives (lobbyists)
Published on: 08/05/2008
EPACA Response to the Draft European Commission Code of Conduct for Interest Representatives
Published on: 15/02/2008
EPACA Chairman’s speech – Workshop organised by the EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs
Published on: 08/10/2007
EPACA’s position on the European Transparency Initiative: make lobbying a regulated profession (updated version)
Published on: 28/06/2007
Press release: Public Affairs Consultancies express concern over European Commission proposals
Published on: 21/03/2007
EPACA Response to the European Commission’s European Transparency Initiative (ETI) Green Paper and Consultation
Published on: 14/07/2006
Press release: Public Affairs Consultancies strengthen commitment to transparency
Published on: 31/05/2006
Press release: Public Affairs Consultancies welcome ETI Green Paper
Published on: 03/05/2006
Press release: Consultancies Make New Proposals to Commissioner Kallas
Published on: 26/01/2006