Brussels, 17 May 2021 – The European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA), the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, announces the addition of a new member, GCI Health to the association.

EPACA has worked for over 15 years to ensure transparency and trust within the public affairs consultancy sector in Brussels. Advocating for positive engagement and ethical lobbying are at the core of the Association’s work. EPACA has a Code Of Conduct, an online e-tool, and offers training programs and events, to facilitate a consistent implementation of these core values in its members’ work. The Association works to foster an environment where the role of public affairs consultancies is valued, trusted, and held accountable. Welcoming new members allows for new input and an expansion of the associations’ activities, as well as added weight to policy actions.

“At GCI Health, we are committed to maintaining the highest of ethical standards in our work in Brussels and elsewhere, and membership to EPACA is a reflection of this ambition. We are delighted to be kick-starting our expansion into Brussels, and to be joining this Association, and we look forward to what is sure to be a fruitful membership,” said Kath Kerry, President of Europe and Middle East.

A consultancy specialised in healthcare and medical communications agency, GCI Health opened its Brussels office in February 2021, with the aim of further establishing its European presence and offering. GCI Health Brussels will offer services in government and public affairs, integrated communications, and advocacy.

“We are delighted to welcome our newest member to EPACA, broadening our representation and enabling us to further build upon the association’s work and priorities. Progress continues to be made on ensuring transparency in the EU affairs sector, as demonstrated by the announcement of the inter-institutional agreement in December 2020. There is still more work to be done to build upon this, and we are happy to have new members joining EPACA to contribute to this work, and look forward to welcoming more members in the future,’ concluded Isabelle De Vinck, Chairwoman of EPACA.