Brussels, 16 April 2024 EPACA, the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association, the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, announces addition of First Five Consulting (F5C) to membership. The addition brings EPACA’s membership to 48.

F5C is a communications and public affairs consultancy that provides strategic thinking and advice to administrators, decision-makers, and clients. The organisation is based in Portugal, whilst also being active at EU level and more globally.

João Tocha, CEO of First Five Consulting, commented on the news, “Being part of EPACA means being close to the best influence and intelligence professionals in the field of lobbying and public affairs. For me, my team, and First Five Consulting it is an honour to be part of this team of European experts who solve problems and find solutions for organisations, companies, institutions, and people.”

Isabelle De Vinck, EPACA’s Chairperson, noted, “It is a pleasure to welcome a new member to our active and growing community of members. First Five Consulting is sure to bring welcome fresh perspective and energy to our association’s ongoing activities. We are happy to see more consultancies join us and to be able to represent their needs, constantly striving for a public affairs industry that is committed to transparency and ethics, our core tenets.”

Established in 2005, EPACA advocates for positive engagement and the drive for a more transparent EU public affairs sector. Members of the association sign the EPACA Code of Conduct, as well as taking part in events, trainings, and workshops on issues of relevance to public affairs.