Brussels, 9 March 2023EPACA the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association, the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, is happy to announce both Lasker and AK Public Affairs as the newest members of the association. Lasker provides institutional relations, digital development, and communication services to its clients, and operates in Spain and Belgium. AK Public Affairs provides strategic level support to organisations that want to effectively shape the EU tech policy agenda, and operates in Belgium.

Manuel Delgado, Managing Partner at Lasker, commented on the news: “Here at Lasker we are both happy and proud to announce that we will be joining EPACA. This is a collaboration that we believe will have a positive impact on us as a company due to our shared values. Additionally, we appreciate the networking opportunities an association such as EPACA can provide us with other consultancies, something we are privileged to now be a part of. We look forward to what the future may hold for us at Lasker as we continue to take positive steps forward in our journey as a professional consulting service.”

Andreas Constantinides, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AK Public Affairs, also commented on the news: “As a new EU public affairs consultancy, we are committed to abiding by the highest ethical standards in terms of engaging with EU institutions. EPACA, as the ‘gold standard’ for public affairs professionals, provides this platform. We are happy to join EPACA and to sign up to their Charter and Code of Conduct. This collaboration can help us to truly live up to our strong ethical commitment in all of our work.”

EPACA, active since 2005, promotes the public affairs profession and aims to increase trust and transparency in the sector by advocating for positive engagement. EPACA provides training to all member companies on its Code of Conduct. It has established rigorous, formal self-regulatory arrangements, such as the independent professional practices panel, and offers members online trainings and in person events on topics related to public affairs.

Speaking on the announcement, Isabelle De Vinck, Chairperson of EPACA, stated: “Here at EPACA we are happy to announce that both Lasker and AK Public Affairs will be joining us to become the newest members our association. We are consistently eager to grow and improve, which is why we are happy to welcome two new members in joining us to achieve our goals of increased transparency and ethics in public affairs. We look forward to facing the opportunities and challenges of the sector in the future alongside our members, old and new.”