EPACA announces the addition of two consultancies to the association, widening its community to 47 members

Brussels, 29th August 2023 EPACA, the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association, the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, announces Trilligent and Acento as the newest members of the association. With this development, EPACA now boasts a membership count of 47 consultancies, encompassing small, medium, and large organisations.

Trilligent, a boutique strategic advisory and public affairs consulting firm focusing on the tech sector, and Acento, a public affairs consultancy operating in two offices in Spain and one in Belgium, have joined EPACA, demonstrating their dedication to promoting transparency and ethical practices in the field of public affairs.

José Blanco, CEO of Acento, noted that “Acento Public Affairs was born in 2019 with the aim of providing super-specialised services in public affairs, addressing economic and political realities from different angles. As a company, we appear in all stakeholder registries, whether local, regional, national, or community, and we are committed to the approval of a specific regulatory framework that guarantees transparency in public affairs. Joining EPACA is an important part of our work towards this commitment.”

Timea Strihova, Head of Trilligent’s Brussels Office and Director, commented on the news: “We are delighted to become an EPACA member as we are strongly committed to the highest possible standards of transparency and ethical conduct in public affairs. Thank you EPACA, and we look forward to working together in the future!”

Speaking on behalf of EPACA, Chairperson Isabelle de Vinck, added “We are happy to welcome Trilligent and Acento as the latest additions to our membership, and to now count 47 public affairs consultancies in our association. Since our founding, the steady growth in our membership is a clear indication of our sector’s commitment to the core EPACA values of ethics and transparency. Our newest members further strengthen our association by bringing new perspectives in the field of public affairs.”

Since its establishment in 2005, EPACA has played a significant role in shaping discussions surrounding the mandatory transparency register, the role of public affairs in the democratic process, and the drive for a more transparent EU affairs space. EPACA members have the chance to network with fellow professionals and stakeholders at events and participate in training sessions and workshops focused on the public affairs profession.