Brussels, 2 May 2016 – EPACA Chairman Karl Isaksson attended as panelist the EU Lobbying Transparency Public Debate – HAVE YOUR SAY

Karl Isaksson was invited by First Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr Frans Timmermans, and MEP Sylvie Giullaume to speak at a public debate hosted on 2 May in the European Parliament.

The European Parliament and the European Commission are committed to being open about the interest groups and organisations with which they interact and have set up the joint Transparency Register to help make the EU decision-making process more transparent and allow for public scrutiny. The European Commission is presently running a public consultation to prepare a proposal for an Interinstitutional Agreement on a mandatory Transparency Register.

In order to prepare our negotiations on a future system, we have decided to hold a public debate in order to hear the views of all interested parties on the performance of the current Transparency Register and the possible evolution towards a mandatory scheme, covering also the Council. The aim is to have an interactive event with participants representing a wide range of stakeholders, including from Member States. This will hopefully enable all present to engage in a debate resulting in useful ideas and recommendations.


Karl attended the panel with the theme: Incentives & sanctions: how to achieve a workable system?

The Parliament and the Commission offer certain practical advantages linked to being on the Register. At the same time, there are sanctions foreseen for those who breach its Code of Conduct. The discussion will aim at understanding what further interactions between the EU institutions and interest groups could be made conditional upon prior registration and whether the sanctions currently foreseen are adequate.

Panellists were:
Dennis De Jong, MEP GUE/NGL
Rosita Agnew, Head of Strategic Inquires, European Ombudsman Office
Karl Isaksson, Chairman, European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Associations (EPACA)


Watch the video: