Brussels, 25 February 2020 – The European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA), the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, announces the addition of two new members, ATREVIA and FortyEight to the association.

EPACA has driven the ongoing work towards transparency and trust within the public affairs consultancy sector in Brussels for over 15 years, promoting positive engagement with policy-makers and stakeholders across Europe. Through its Code of Conduct, training programs, and Professional Practices Panel, EPACA works to foster an environment where the role of public affairs consultancies is valued, trusted, and held accountable.

“ATREVIA joins EPACA to ensure the highest professional standards of its services. With this decision, ATREVIA – the largest global Communication and Strategic agency in Spain and Portugal – seeks to complement its work of excellence with the necessary representation of interests before the European Union,” commented Manuel Mostaza Barrios, Director of Public Affairs at ATREVIA.

Tomás Llobet, Partner at FortyEight, stated, “Public affairs consultancies committed to the highest ethical standards and transparency play an important role in the vibrant and plural Brussels policy environment. We believe that EPACA effectively promotes the highest professional standards for the EU public affairs sector. As a young and growing boutique consultancy, we are proud to join EPACA and to adhere to its code of conduct.”

As EPACA welcomes more members to its association, it continues in its aim of legitimizing the lobbying activities which take place in Brussels every day. Increased membership and the input from new members lead to a wider scope of activity of the association, lending increased weight to policy action and association presence.

“This expansion to include more members will enable us to further the work that EPACA has achieved so far, encompassing diverse perspectives, and strengthening the actions we take to increase transparency and ethical activities in the sector. We are excited to have ATREVIA and FortyEight on board, and look forward to welcoming more members in the future,’ concluded Isabelle De Vinck, Chairwoman of EPACA.