Brussels, 8th December 2021 – The European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA), the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions, widens its community by welcoming Kekst CNC as a new member to the association.

Since 2005, EPACA has been working to ensure transparency and trust within the public affairs consultancy sector in Brussels. The focus of the association is to advocate for positive engagement and ethical lobbying, with the final scope of fostering an environment where the role of public affairs consultancies is valued, trusted, and held accountable. EPACA has a Code Of Conduct for members, which, along with online training programs and events, aims to facilitate a consistent implementation of these values in its’ members activities.

“Here at Kekst CNC we strongly believe in the values that EPACA promotes. In a world where institutions compete for business and talent, Kekst CNC works to help global businesses and institutional leaders identify and navigate opportunities in a trusted and ethical way. We support their growth, generating confidence in transitions and helping them respond effectively to challenges. Our membership to EPACA reflects our willingness to strengthen these objectives, always taking into account transparency and ethics, while expanding the focus and reach of our organisation”, said Theodoros Birmpoutsoukis and Olivier Hinnekens, co-Managing Directors at Kekst CNC Brussels.

Kekst CNC is an international strategic communications firm with a presence in 15 locations around the globe, which offers services including public affairs, M&A communications, strategic counsel and financial communications, investor relations, litigation support, crisis and reputation management, as well as digital and social communications.

“EPACA is delighted to welcome Kekst CNC as a new member of our association, broadening our representation and helping us further build upon EPACA’s work and priorities. The EU Affairs sector is making steady progress towards increased transparency, as demonstrated by the recently adopted IIA on a Mandatory Transparency Register. This remains the current focus of our association and we are happy to welcome new members devoted to the same cause, and look forward to further expanding our membership in the future,” concluded Isabelle De Vinck, Chairwoman of EPACA.