Madrid, 16 March 2016 – EPACA Chairman Karl Isaksson attended as panelist the event organized by Kreab “Corporate Transparency Summit”

Corporate Transparency Summit is the annual landmark event on corporate transparency in Spain. It seeks to become a space for collectively thinking and learning about the rules of the game of the new “observation society” and about the implications that the increasing demand for transparency has for companies.

Karl Isaksson attended the panel discussion on the topic: Transparency at Public Administration and companies’ relationship. 

The panel was presented by:

Karl Isaksson, President of EPACA

Silvina Bacigalupo, Governing Board of International Transparency in Spain

Manuel Medina, Director of the Council’s transparency and data protection. Junta de Andalucía

Mauricio García de Quevedo, Managing Director, FIAB

Moderated by:

Esther Arizmendi, President of the Council of Transparency and Good Governance

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